• the sale of raw minerals - mined natural bentonite
  • transport of bentonite,
  • geological survey of raw mineral deposits - designing, carrying out and assessment of a survey with calculation of mineral deposits,
  • designing, engineering and permissions for mining activities,
  • designing, carrying out and managing of surface mining works,
  • designing and assessment of the impacts of mining works on life and the natural environment,
  • designing and carrying out of recultivation works on lands after mining activities are completed,
  • complex consultation in the preparation and carrying out of geological surveys of deposits and with mining activities and activities performed in a manner similar to mining

Sale of bentonites:

We offer bentonite of two quality classes, depending on the content of montmorillonite and the requirements of clients and the anticipated method of use:
1. Content 50 - 70% montmorillonite in bentonite,
2. Content 70 - 90% montmorillonite in bentonite.

Our company, in association with the quarrying of minerals, in cooperation with a sister company, ROMIN Slovakia spol. s r. o., Kopernica, also ensures the possibility of verifying the mined out raw materials in the process of modification and improving of minerals and performing laboratory analyses of minerals - www.romin.sk