Bentonite is a clayey mineral that originates by the transformation of volcanic glass and ash in an alkaline, most often an oceanic or lake environment, with the origin of clay-like minerals from the smectite group (mainly montmorillonite,...

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The sale of raw minerals - mined natural bentonite, transport of bentonite, geological survey of raw mineral deposits - designing, carrying out and assessment of a survey with calculation of mineral deposits, designing, engineering...

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Did you know that...?

The average annual statistically recorded need for bentonite per citizen is 11 kilograms? Bentonite is used indirectly in a great many production processes. Life without it would be hard to imagine. Do you like a glass of good wine? Bentonite is...

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Company profile

The company REGOS s.r.o., founded on 26.08.2005, is incorporated in District Court Bratislava I, div. Sro, tab no. 87281/B. The main subject of the company's business: geological survey of raw mineral deposits, especially those of clays and bentonites, assessment of the results of surveys, calculation of raw mineral deposits, balanced analyses of the usefulness of minerals, applied research in the field of technological processing and use of bentonites, planning and permissions for mining activities, designing and engineering in the field quarrying and using of minerals, preparation and opening of surface quarrying of mineral deposits, designing and managing of surface mining works, assessment of the impacts of mining works on the natural environment, designing and carrying out of recultivation works after completion of mining activities,...

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REGOS s.r.o.
Dúbravská cesta 2
841 04 Bratislava
Slovenská Republika

Tel.: +421 905 487 200
E-mail: regos(at)

IČO: 36640638
IČ DPH: SK 2022051988