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REGOS - the mining company based in Slovakia


BENTONITE deposits

One of the Bentonite deposits, strategically located in the Kremnica Mountains, the volcanic mountain range in central Slovakia. Field performance is bound to bentonite mineral montmorillonite, which overall representation in bentonite can be offered in three categories: 50-70%, 70-80%, above 80%.


High quality deposit of ceramic and refractory clays located in Stara Halic.

Bentonite mine - Kremnica Mountain

Mining preparation activities have already started with performing geological surveys before 2008.  All geological results were evaluated and approved by official authorities of Slovak republic, such as the Ministry of environment of the Slovak Republic, Main mining office and District mining office. Due to complicated, but necessary administrative and legislative processes, the mining activities have been engaged only recently, but nowadays we can offer you the possibility of long term cooperation in bentonite and ceramic – refractory clays deliveries.

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